torsdag den 29. januar 2009

Thanks for the money from Mom

Mom har gennem Saru takket mange gange for de 50 usd som hun har fået og som gør det muligt for hende at passe hendes 9. klasse.
Mom ho mandato tanti saluti e mille grazie per il 50 usd che abbiamo mandato. Soldini che lei usa per le costi che ha nella scuola, la 9. classe.

Sot will start his motor shop next month

Pumpen som er købt for de 200 usd som vi har sendt. Skal bruges i det værksted som Sot skal åbne når han er færdig med hans kursus på teknisk skole.

La pumpa che Sot ho comprato con il 200 usd che abbiamo mandato. La pompa serve per le officina che lui vuole aprire quando finische il corso nella scuola techinca.

Sot, Peach og børnene uden for deres hjem.
davanti la casa.

Familien foran mango træet som vi har sponsoreret.
Albero di mango comprato con il soldi che abbiamo mandato.

Yos is saying thanks for the sponsor money

Dear Only and Claus

Thank alot for your e-mial alot to me. I'm so sorry it's long time to reply you back because i just come back from my Country Town and today i'm had wonderful feeling so much that i just get money $100 from you.
This money that stay with me now, it is not easy way for you because i know that you try to explain your friends for to help my study, so i just want to tell you that i will try to study more and more.
And please help to say thanks to Nina and Anders. This money i'll pay it for just for to study High School and special time only one.

In the finally i wish you have good health all the time and good luck every minute.
Please God and Buddha help you and your family everyday.
Bye Bye See you around.


tirsdag den 27. januar 2009

Mail from Borin and the children

Dear Orly & Claus

Iʼve just arrived Phnom Penh this afternoon. Saru, he went to his hometown. In your mail, you want me to buy the children some bread, so this morning on my way back to PP, I bought them some bread at a bread shop on the outskirt of Phnom Penh . When I go to my hometown I bought some bread for my family at this shop as well. As you see, 3 harmburgers, 2 for them and another one for their aunt. I told them that you sent money again. I just want them to taste hamburger that is special bread for us. This hamburger tastes nearly the same as the hamburger you bought for me and Saru at a restaurant near independent monument, but it has better prize than at the restaurant, 2500 Riel (1 USD = 4000 Riel) for one hamburger. And other bread (in the girlʼs hand which they can keep to eat for a few days) costs 1 USD only, so I spent 11500 Riel (about 3 USD) for this time bread. This bread is very fresh. I have to wait some minutes for hamburgers. They like it so much.
The boy has not needed to buy a new text book yet, so I didnʼt spend for his book. I just spent 4.5 USD more for their toy car last time, but the boy still has 12 usd for transportation of next month. I have not gotten this time money yet, maybe when Saru come back.
Welcome for your idea to tell me what should I buy next time and next for their extra food.
Iʼd like to send you all natural smile of the children.
Best regards, Love, and very thanks from Borin and Children

fredag den 9. januar 2009

Hello from Borin and the kids

Dear Orly & Claus,

I hope you all are ok. Iʼd like to hear from you all too. For about our lives here are running on as normal. I will finish my practice in Calmatte hospital at the beginning of next month, and then it is time for my semester 1 exams. In semester 2, I will start surgery practice at Russia hospital that is a bit long distance for me to get there from my place.

Until now, more than 3 years that I have tasted many things of life living in Phnom Penh. It is giving me many lessons about my society.

For the children, they are very well. The boy is studying with his new teacher at SIS. He is doing his best I see. Everything is ok, and in your mail you said about sending money. You donʼt have to think about sending money early, because money for his transportation is still remaining for February. Although you couldnʼt send money on time for March or it has others things that need to pay on their studies, I can spend my money instead. Just to mean that you donʼt have to hurry with sending money.

About our weather here, it seems this year has longer winter than normal. Itʼs around 270C. Yes, maybe itʼs hot in your country, but it is a bit cold for us. I have cold often.

Nice to hear about visitors from Denmark, hope they are enjoying their time in Cambodia.

I would like to say hello and send our best regards to all of you,