mandag den 25. maj 2009

Saru: Summerholiday in the village

News from the shop

Saru is writing:
Peach and Sot are Ok. In the morning, Sot gos to every house in the village to collect the batteries. When he is back, he start repairing the motor or bicycle. Until in the evening, about 3 pm, he takes back the batteries to the owner. It takes 6 hours to charge the batteries. They earn good money from the battery shop, but if the machine is broken, they spend more money to repair. If machine is Ok..... Then they can save money to pay back to the bank. Sot and Peach owe a lot of money to the bank becuse they build the shop, buying Motor, buying some motor tools, and Machine of Batteries. I feel very pity to my brother in law. He works very very hard. If they pay back already, then they will have good life...

Hello from Borin

Dear Orly and Claus

I don't have much to say just sending you photos of the food. This is what they bought last Sunday. Hair shampoo costs 12000 R (3 usd), fresh milk= 13800 R, milk named DA Ca costs 8000 R (2 usd), mosquito killer spray costs 8000 (2 usd), chicken meat costs 10000 R (2,5 usd), fruit...... Total is 16 usd. On Sunday the aunt can cook, so I told her she should buy vegetable to cook, she told me Chanty want to eat chicken. She cooked chicken soup. Other things like hair shampoo and mosquito killer were what they need.

Hello from Yos

Photo: Yos as he look like after he left the monkhood
Dear Orly and Claus
One week ago that I'm very busy with my uncle monk, he came to visit me and bring me to go outside the city and he just go back yesterday.
I hope you understand my late mail. How about Nina and Anders?
About my study at High School it is nearly finish soon and now I just waitng for the final exam.
Love, Yos

søndag den 10. maj 2009

New clothes and shoes for the kids

"Now about the children, you can see in the photos, and as you know last week the boy asked me a trousers, and I also told the girl weather she need something or not so they can buy at the same time with their aunt.
Last Sunday (03/05) I gave 10$ to them with their aunt. They went together to the market for a half day, and then they came back with these cloths and shoes. Their aunt told me they really love these, that why she decided to buy it for them. They love these style of clothes and shoes, of their own test. Total spending was 30 $, so I had to give them 20$ more. I did'nt think they bought like this, so I just told the boy: you bought something much more than I expected. They all agreed not to buy food for a time. I said to the boy: this time is like a present for you because you got good result from your studies. They had bought already so…...and I hope you don’t mind too. I know money, if we spend without any planning it will be quick used up.

fredag den 8. maj 2009


Dear Orly and Claus

Now I have much time to write mail to you. You know, I'm really happy so much when I saw your email very soon for reply me. I don't know why in my first internet I just write two or three sentence it have problems so I try to find another internet shop. And now I'm staying far away from internet near by my pagoda.

Oh! I'm have really wonderful feeling so much when I heared that you will come to visit us with Lene and Mette soon, I hope it will be true as soon as possible.

About the money you send me. I'm really so happy very much and thanks alot to Nina and Anders and Louise & Kim and your friends as well. I wish all of them will meet good luck, good health and happiness all the time and I really can not forget about this forever and still remember your kindness to me and for of all of us. This is a very big huge for helping us in Cambodia that we are all poor people.
Everything you give me alot by your money send to me that I can pay for books, food, water, health...and especialy knowledge.
Orly, you know, before I know you I never know about the world, but I'm very lucky in my life when I met you, is give my life light that I can know how to live as human and alot from you and the sponsors as well help me for support my study everyday is by you. So in my life I don't know how to find words to thanks all of you.
I just try to study for my life and remember all of it and you know I tell about this in my class and you know what they are thinking? They say you are good person. however, you are living faraway but best of your mind it's still in Cambodia.

And how about spend the money, like the same before, is pay for school everyday 3000 Real (0,75 USD) for paper copies from the teacher. 12000Real (3 USD) every month for one subject (all teachers need like this, if I don't pay I'll not get good results like the other students that always pays until finish highschool) and some money I'll keep for paying water, electriccity and some books if I can't live without it.
About my photo I'll send you soon, mean that I'll borrow Saru' camera to take it to send you.

In the finally time Please help me to say hello to everyone, I miss all of you so much and still hope to see you soon. Bye Bye


mandag den 4. maj 2009


Yos har sendt denne sød mail som tak for pengene. Takken og alle hans bønner til Budha giver vi hermed straks videre til Anders og Nina som er hans hoved sponsorer og til alle de andre som er med til at give en hånd til vores projekt "uddannelse til Cambodia". Kram. Orly

Yos ho mandato questo carino e-mail, ringraziare per il soldi che abbiamo mandto. Il suo grazie e preghiera ad Budha mandiamo subito ad tutti voi, il sponsori, per vostro supporto ad questo projetto di "educazione in Cambodia". Baci. Orly

Dear Orly and Claus

So long times I can't checked my email and few day I can't came to the Internet Shop for reply you because any where in Phnom Penh has raining alot. After that I do it and I don't know why, the internet it doesn't working for my email. I try again and again but i still can not checked it. So it takes long time to reply you and sorry about the delay.

About my study at Wat school (high school) it got so great score in classe and I'm really happy so much when I saw it. And now, you know, I be come Monitor in class because they know that I was in the monkhood and I have knowledge in the Buddhism and freindly so they really love me and the theacher as well.

About the money, I'm really worry for you in my mind, very much, because I'm pety on you so much, everyday you need to completed your working hard and you still think about us in Cambodia.

I'm really wish you all time and please Buddha and God care of you every minutes. And I want to say that you great person that I don't know find words to say of you.

You just send me $100 already and now you send me more $150 it is alot money for me to keep for long time for pay my study and I promise you I'll try to study more and more.

You know when I'm learning English or Khmer study I always think of you because the books in my hands it is giving to me by your kindness and you give me alot knowledge. I can not forget it forever and in my mouth I still say thank to you, very so much, and I allways pray to Buddha to help both of you when I go to bed.
Orly, I think that you should don't think alot about us. For us here is okay and still welcome you every minute. And Saru and me really miss you so much and still remember your smile and your advise all the time, never forget.
In the finally, please help me to say hello to everyone.



søndag den 3. maj 2009

Thanks for the money from Borin and the kids

Dear Orly & Claus
Thank you a lot for everything. All the valuable help we are getting nowadays is from you, starting from you, and bringing by you. You spend your own, your effort, your kind regards mind. You make all of these helps for us giving us smile and power to improve our future. You not only give us help but also spend your time flying for a long distance with costing much money to see us. It really show us your warm love and kind mind. Just spending time to write you mail is a little thing.

From my heart, I would like to thank so much to your friends, offering their money to help us. They can share their money to help us we can see their mind to us. I would like to send my best regards to all of them by this meaning.

I told the boy your admiring and your words yesterday, and I also told him the amount of new sending money from you and their left money with me, so they know their money with me, about 160 usd. I give freedom to them to tell me what they need but reasonable things. I ask them again and again and encourage them weather they need to buy more text books or not.

He told me, he needs to buy new note books, and he wants new trousers, so this morning I will give his aunt money to buy for him. I told him to tell the girl the same if she needs other things, so she can buy at the same time.
You can tell me all the time about your new idea to spend money. I always follow you if possible. You wanted me to buy them fresh vegetable, but it was impossible because normally their aunt doesn’t cook as she always busy with her work.