mandag den 29. november 2010


We were so lucky to get an extra ordinary donation which I decided to use for sending all the kids to the dentist.

Borin did an appointment with a dentist on Sunday, and the dentist used 3 hours to check all of them and pull out 8 teeth, did several dental fillings, teeth polish, X-ray and so on….
We used all the donation of 200 USD and there is still more work to do. My plan is to send the kids regularly to the dentist as some of them have very bad teeth.


søndag den 28. november 2010

Rice harvest in the village

Saru and Sna went to the village last week to help the family doing the harvest. All the siblings of Saru gather and help each other to do the work.
Saru is writing: Now I become dark brown, everyone in my university will know that I’m just back from doing farming. I feel sorry to have this colour, but I can’t avoid it….

Brother and sister having fun

Sna (6) and Mey (4) in front of their country home
  Sna with his new school uniform bought by Saru last week and Mey with some cloths from Denmark and her new shoe and socks. Her earings is also from Denmark.

The family gathered for dinner after a hard day of work

lørdag den 20. november 2010

Saru did shopping for Sna

Sna, 6 years, 15 kg. 115 cm
Dear Orly, I will leave to my hometown soon. This morning, I went to buy the new school clothes with belt , new shoes with sock, and a new school bag as well.
To make sure, I just want to calculate the money that I spend for Sna....
One shirt 3 USD,
One trouser 3.50 USD
One Belt 1 USD,
One shoes 6 USD, (I can choose 4-3 USD too, but not so good quality)
One shock 2000 R.
One school bag, 4 USD.
I also buy a new shoe and shock for Mey, because it looks so beautiful.
He's very happy with all these things, and I hope that his parents must be happy to see their son with all these clean and high quality clothes.
I have to go now......
Have nice days

Sna, in the background the temple, Wat Koh

Sna, in the background the port to the temple

mandag den 15. november 2010

New sponsors for Kosal

The mother and father of Kosal with Kosal beside the bike.
Sophal and Cheng on the bike
After returning from Cambodia, I have searched through facebook new sponsors for Kosal. was lucky to find three that will provide $ 0.5 per day so we can fed him up. I've asked Yos to measure his weight and height and have got the resuls today, Kosal who is 11 years weighing 20 kg and is 127 cm tall. He is for sure very undernourished and it will be good for him with three meals every day.

Kosal is still homeless, he stay during the day in the temple area with our other children and every night his father comes with his bike and take Kosal with the camp bed and the blanket I bought him. They go to find somewhere where they can stay overnight, every night they sleep in a new place to avoid problems with the police.

mandag den 8. november 2010

7. November last day in Cambodia

From the left: Chanty, Sna, Kosal, Cheng and Sophal


On the way to the airport
Last ice cream in the airport

Bye bye Phnom Penh

6. November visiting Borins home town

Borin and his fantastic mother
Wonderfull lunch

In front of the temple in the village where Borin
is coming from

5. November on tour with Borin

Visiting Killing Fields and hearing about
the Pol Pot regime

Borin showed us around a hospital where he use to do practice

Night market

Dinner at KFC

4. November last day on the beach

Breakfast on the beach

Walking a long the beach

Bye bye Sihanoukville

3. November around Sihanoukville by tuk-tuk

On the way to Sihanoukville

The temple of Sihounkville where Saru lived for two years

Kosal is sleaping in the tuk-tuk on the way back