fredag den 30. september 2011

New school year start in Cambodia on Monday the 3. Oktober 2011

Borin did shopping today to the kids, they all start a new school year on Monday and Borin bought them new cloths, shoes, schoolbags, and school equipment.

Borin is writing:
I spent totally 112.5 USD for everything of their starting school.

The spending like this:
1- Clothes of Sophal, Cheng and Kosal 6 pairs x 5 ( 5 USD per one pair) = 30 USD
2- Clothes of Chanthy alone 2 pairs, two shirts and two skirts = 17 USD
3 School bag of Sophal, Cheng and Kosal ( 2 x 6 USD and 1 x 5 USD) = 17 USD
4- Shoes of Rotha and Cheng: 2 x 4 USD = 8 USD
- Shoes of Sophal, Chanthy and Kosal: 3 x 5 USD = 15 USD
5- Socks 3 x 3000 riels about 2 USD
6- Built of Rotha 3 USD
7- Notebooks (60 books) plus pen, red pen, pencils, ruler, book cover with plastic for covering =22.5 USD

Rotha needed 15 books last year, grade 7. So I bought Chanthy 15 books, Rotha 15 books, Cheng about 12 books, while Sophal needs only 8 books, The rest book for Kosal, but if there is any notebooks left I could give it later for the one who could need next time.

This time I gave them much freedom to choose clothes that they like, shoes that they like, school bag that they like, books, and so on...

I asked for good quality as well, but let see how long they could use those things. I bought two set of cloths as they could have for changing while one pair is dirty, and haven't washed.





Housing for Chanty and Rotha

In August 2011, Chanty and Rotha got a room in the temple, Borin bought them a fan and a lamp, the room is very small, just 1 x 2,5 meter but now they don’t need to sleep outside. They have a place to keep their belongings, as school bag and cloths.